Thursday, March 13, 2008

ECC Art Club: Mission/Vision

Art Club is a student led organization at East Central College and is sponsored by the ECC Art Department. Art Club seeks to enrich the campus and the community through artistic minded endeavors. Last year Art Club forged a bond with ALIVE of Franklin County. ALIVE (Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments), provides support services and short-term emergency sanctuary to adults and children victimized by domestic violence. This type of community service/outreach has always been and will continue to be close to the heart and at the forefront of Art Club’s ethos, ideas and ideals.

We live in a truly global society. The world is getting smaller and smaller and more accessible all of the time. We must endeavor to make the globe our classroom. This is especially vital in the art classroom/studio. As art students, we spend years looking at images in books, slides projected on the wall and on the internet and the truth is none of these are accurate! Seeing art in the flesh is paramount and as the old adage goes, seeing is believing!

The opportunity to travel abroad is one that should not be taken lightly, but at the same time should be held close to someone’s heart. It is a lifelong learning experience. London, England is just the place to have such an experience. As an art student the experience is that much more impactful as one is surrounded by the works of DaVinci and Monet through Damien Hirst and Gillian Wearing all in the same city and often in the same museum alongside the opportunity to see the spoils of Greece, Rome and Egypt. Students will also get a taste of the gallery scene in one of the most important art cities of the world. This is a cultural experience that one will never forget and will continue to inform oneself for years to come.

I was lucky enough to attend Graduate School in the UK at The Kent Institute of Art and Design now The University College For The Creative Arts. It was a life changing experience and I would like to help foster similar experiences with my students. I will be accompanying the students on this trip and rest assured this is an educational endeavor.

Adam Watkins
ECC Art Club Sponsor
Art Instructor East Central College

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