Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Airline and Airport Info!

American Airlines

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

BAA London Gatwick Airportrt


Jill Foote-Hutton said...

Hey guys, I'm anxiously checking to see if you have landed yet. Did everyone make it? Did the flood keep everyone away? Are you wrecked from jet lag or were you so excited you hit the town immediately? Was it day or night when you got there? At least one person is checking your blog like a kid on Christmas Eve. Have fun!

dona said...

We got a message from Amanda that yes, they DID in fact arrive in London and unfortunately we missed her phone call from there:-(! Sounds like they are touring the city and having a good time. Hope we get to hear more from all of the group soon.
(Amanda's mom)

Jennifer said...


This is your sister. I called American, and they said there is no problem with you leaving DFW. You can go through customs, and just take your carry-on out the exit. You have a six hour layover, so I can take you out to eat, or we can hang out at the airport.

I get off work at 1:30 on the 28th, so I can be there when you get off your flight. I will wait for you outside the International Arrivals gate where you will come out. Just let me know if you get this.

I've been reading your class's blog and looking at the pictures. Try to post some with you in them if you get a chance.

Love you!