Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Canterbury (a day late)

Sorry this is a day late, but everyone has been hustling and bustling around. There's so much to do!

So, yesterday we hopped the train to Canterbury to visit Adam's old university and take in the sights. It was quite the interesting little town, with ancient buildings juxtaposed with modern life. We spent the first part of the day at University College for the Creative Arts (formerly Kent Institute of Art and Design) where Adam's old professor gave us a tour around. It was a neat little campus. We gathered up info brochures and he answered questions and we went on our way to the see rest of Canterbury.

So.... onward to Canterbury Cathedral. There really aren't words that would do it justice, so I'll stick with pictures.

After that we all broke off to do our own thing around town. There were plenty of little shops and restaurants around. Most everyone bought souvenirs. The square around the cathedral was quite entertaining, and there were plenty of street performers.... and the justice league.....

After that, I went off to the park to snap some photos of the gardens and the medieval wall.

After a long day, we hopped the evening train back to Central London. After a quick nap, some of us went back out exploring. Then collapsed.

PS: Rob bought new pants


Jill Foote-Hutton said...

We should have a show and tell afternoon/evening when you guys get back. I'm sure the stories and pictures would make for a great night. Anybody planning on going to school in Kent now? oh, and um, nice pants. ;)

Faye Teague said...

so glad that you all are having a great time.
Just want to know who is the one that is taking and posting the photos?
Absorb everything that you can during this experience of a lifetime.

janice meyer said...

Hola Rob y todos.

Los pantalones nuevos son fabulosos!
Buen viaje!
Sra. Meyer

Jill Foote-Hutton said...

Linda Barro wanted me to pass along the following message: Cool blog, cool pics, and cool commentary. I just hope the weather there
is not so cool.

Jennifer said...

Love the pants! You can wear them while munching your cucumber sandwiches.

I left a comment under your itinerary about meeting up with you on your return trip. If I don't see you at the gate, I will have you paged. I am very determined to see you.