Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hey we have arrived safe and sound. Most everyone is wiped out and sleeping. We're having some internet issues, but we'll try to get it sorted-at least we can type words-images may come later. The flights were good except we all got a little stir crazy as our flight into London got extended a bit as we had to circle the airport for about half an hour-and after an 8 1/2 hour flight enough is enough. Strong winds today in London and we also saw a spot of snow for about 15 minutes! Very Strange indeed. Hope no one has gotten flooded out and we'll post more later!


dona said...

Glad to see your blog and to hear that you all arrived safely! Can't wait to hear more and hopefully see pictures soon.

Adam's family said...

We are glad you arrived safely. Grace misses her daddy and so does her mom. Who would have thought a trip to Austeria would lead to this! Hope you have a wonderful time and we await the pictures, narratives and how the show goes.
Adam's family

Adam's family said...

Glad you got there safely! Can't wait to see eome pictures! Hope you have a great time, with a ton of fun!
Annie and Jack

Jill Foote-Hutton said...

Hooray, you are all there and the adventure begins! Have a wonderful time.

Cheryl Baumann said...

Glad to see you arrived safely. Some snow today. Let us know what you like when you see it!

Jennifer said...


Check out the comment I left under the Itinerary section. It is about meeting up with you on your return trip.

Love you,